Weather in Sóller

Due to its geographical location, the Valley of Sóller has a climate very special and very different from the rest of the island of Majorca.

The fact of being in close proximity to the sea and surrounded by the Sierra de Tramuntana, gives Soller a degree of rainfall and a greater temperature difference that can reach up to 5 degrees with respect to the island’s capital, Palma de Mallorca.

This temperature difference is caused by the natural barrier that represents the Sierra de Tramuntana, propitiating through that the Sóller valley lives and has its own micro climate particular and completely foreign to the rest of Majorca.

It is not unusual, for example, in Sóller the radiant sun shines while in the rest of the island it is raining, and vice versa. Since the rain clouds remain caught in any of the sides of the mountain range.

The average annual temperature in Soller is located at 16.5 ° C.