Ordinas·Cahué is a firm of professionals specialized in providing service and comprehensive advice to small and medium-sized enterprises as well as individuals.



We have a human team prepared and specialized in the integral advice to companies and individuals, in the fiscal, labor, juridical and administrative ambiences, with an experience of more than ten years and under the guidance of Juan Miguel Ordinas Oliver and Lavinia Fernández Cahué.

Our philosophy is to offer an integral and personalized advice to each of our clients, offering a service of maximum quality, because we know that each business and client is a different world that requires a proper treatment adjusted to its needs and its reality.

We are located in:

Avinguda de l’Argentina, 4-C
07011 Palma de Mallorca (Balearic Islands)
Phone: (+34) 971737647 and (+34)647867023
Fax: (+34) 971737829
E-mail: info@ordinascahue.com

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We specialize in:

Legal defense of companies and individuals before the courts and tribunals in all jurisdictional orders.

  • Civil Law (claims of quantity, evictions, horizontal property, injury… ).
  • Commercial Law (drafting contracts, corporate business, competitions of creditors … ).
  • Family Law (separations, divorces, conventions regulators, minors… ).
  • Criminal Law.
  • Labor Law.
  • Administrative Litigation Law.

German Juridical office(Deutsche Rechtsanwalt)

  • Processing and registration of notarial deeds and other registrable documents (with experience in the processing of scriptures of banking institutions and notaries).
  • Management of the payment of the tax on property transfers and A. J. D. , inheritance tax, municipal tax, etc.
  • Dealings with traffic in the field of vehicles (transfers, registrations, notices of sale, European registration changes, low vehicles…).
  • Visa of transport cards.
  • Constitution of companies, associations, foundations, communities of property, civil societies, etc.
  • Domiciliation of societies. Updating of societies.
  • Cancellation of charges on properties.
  • Apostille and legalization of documents.
  • Administrative authorisations (opening, occupation via public, tourism, health, industry etc. ).
  • Patents and Trademarks.
  • Procedures in the field of immigration.
  • Classification of companies.
  • Processing of subsidies and grants.
  • Processing of the single payment of unemployment benefit.
  • Procedures in general before the public organisms.
  • Advice on tax matters, preparation of tax registration books and submission of tax returns periodic (annual and quarterly).
  • Keeping of corporate accounting – direct estimation (normal or simplified) or objective estimation (modules).
  • Preparation and deposit of annual accounts in the Mercantile Register.
  • Preparation and legalization of accounting books in the Mercantile Registry
  • Taxation of non-residents.
  • Postponement of debts and fiscal models.
  • Inspections
  • Obtaining the enabled electronic address and managing communications with the A. E. A. T.
  • Preparation of statistical declarations required by the INE and INTRASTAT.
  • Negotiations before the A.E.A.T. and the A.T.I.B.
  • Advice on labor matters.
  • Preparation of payroll and social insurance.
  • Preparation of employment contracts, registration of workers in social security.
  • Layoffs, records of employment regulation.
  • Registration of freelancers.
  • Registration of home’s employee
  • Postponement of social insurance and debts.
  • Labour inspections
  • Request for retirement pensions, disability, widowhood.
  • Representations before the T.G.S.S. and the S.O.I.B.
  • General insurances, commerce, legal liability, life, vehicles, accidents, etc.
  • Administration and management of communities of owners, keeping of the accounting of the community, attendance at meetings, proceedings, etc.
  • Intermediation before financial institutions in obtaining of personal and mortgage loans.
  • Personalised Advice in obtaining financing and management of resources, etc.
  • Analysis and search for solutions to improve the management, organization, and profitability of the company.

Visit our Real Estate Agency

  • Mediation in buying-selling and leasing of real estate.
  • Transfer of business.
  • Appraisal of real estate.
  • Legalization of buildings.
  • Swaps.
  • Real estate contracts.

If you need legal advice, accounting, legal, labor or on any topic related to any of our services, you can do to us an on-line consultation completely free and without any cost.

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We are located in:

Avinguda de l’Argentina, 4-C
07011 Palma de Mallorca (Islas Baleares)
Teléfono: (+34) 971737647 y (+34)647867023
Fax: (+34) 971737829
E-mail: info@ordinascahue.com

Schedule of attention:

· Monday to Thursday: 8:30 to 19:00
· Friday from 8:30 to 14:30
· August: 8:30 to 15:00
· Close to the underground parking in Paseo Mallorca.