The Balearic Eco-Tax

The Government of the Balearic Islands that governs the island of Mallorca has implemented a new tax called Balear tax on tourist stays, also known as the “Eco-tax”.

This tax must be met from this July 01, 2016 and affects all bookings made from that date.

This tax must be paid by every tourist who overnight in the island, either in hotels or houses of holiday rentals. Likewise, the Government of the balearic islands forces by law to the owners to charge this tax to guests to then pay to the government.

By the same token, to each reservation, to be met from 01 July 2016, will be charged this tax upon arrival to the property and the amount will be previously informed the guest on the basis of the guidelines outlined by the Government of the balearic islands on this tax.

The tariffs updated according to the increase in the 2018 fares specified by the Balearic government are as follows.

The tax rate is obtained from the result of applying the following tax credits:

1) 75 % discount on the full tax rate for stays in low season (between 1 November and 30 April).

2) 50 % rebate on the full tax rate (or, where applicable, reduced by the application of the previous rebate) corresponding to the ninth and subsequent days in all cases of stays in the same tourist establishment exceeding eight days.

Our kind of tourist establishmentsEuros/day of stay (+10% VAT not included)
Holiday tourist homes, holiday homes, dwellings that are the object of marketing tourist estancias and dwellings that are the object of tourist marketing2€ per day

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