2016 in Sóller Valley

The year 2016 is going, and taking stock of everything that has happened, we can say that it has been a very good year and full of changes; so much at personal level as at the level of this project called Sóller Valley.

On the one hand, our blog was very quiet and peaceful. It seemed that nothing happened when, in fact, we were immersed in both work and unforeseen circumstances that we disrupted the times and we had to give priority to what is a priority, it is worth the redundancy. As the grandfather said: “First the urgent thing, already we will see the important thing”…

And when we realized the urgent, we have seen that the year had passed.

Since it is, we have come so far, with a result to the rise of more guests who visited us and stayed with us, and with the pleasant sensation that a business model is possible and viable where to combining the current technology and the holiday rent in an colaboration environment with our neighbors where we all win.

A Win-To-Win model.

2017 appears fully of challenges that we hope to confront with the best disposition and experience learned already in these years, confirming our initial commitment to mutual collaboration and thanking our neighbors, colleagues and clients who have visited us, all the confidence you have placed in us.

2016 goes, but 2017 is already at the door full of new opportunities.

Sóller Valley team wishes you a Merry Christmas and an excellent 2017!.

Thank you for visiting us.