2015 is almost done

2015 is almost done and we are happy. We have put into practice for a year our business view and we feel very satisfied with the results.

We reaffirm our initial idea: building Sóller Valley as a “living and organic project, a common market where those who live in Sóller can publish rental accommodation, services, anecdotes and adventures from our town and offer to everyone, no matter where, the opportunity of discovering , feeling and falling in love with our valley“.

We have verified that is possible to progress with our neighbours building on the engagement of each part, doing them win, through mutual aid atmosphere and doing from our differences and debilities our strength, moving away from the self-destructive attitude that can be summarized in a single sentence: I just care about me even though other people is losing. The process has been unhurried but firmly on the path.

Those who continue in this adventure, our neighbours and us, today are partners or participants, and we are all building a friendship. This is directly reflected in reality, a reality where we all collaborate, build and finally, win.

These results are also reaching the final client, the tourist who comes and rents a house, receiving direct, personal and full backing treatment. That is the reason why many of our clients in 2015 have already trusted us for the next year.

All of us want to thank our neighbours, partners and clients who have visited our site and placed their trust in us, and we reaffirm our compromise of mutual collaboration in 2016.

From Sóller Valley, we wish you the nicest times, the better health and union successes for this year 2016.

Thank you so much.